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Welcome to ContactPhelan.com

Thank you for visiting Contact Phelan. Whether you are a current client or seeking magical/esoteric help in resolving issues within your life that are causing you pain, please visit my www.malewitch.com, once there you can create an account, so that you and I will be able to effectively communicate via email with one another. I have included a short list of links of esoteric help that I specialize in below, please feel free to browse through each one and let me know how I may assist you by registering on my website, or calling one of our numbers. Light and Love, Phelan

  1. Reuniting Lovers
  2. Aura Cleansings
  3. Breakup Rituals
  4. Communication Rituals
  5. Gay Love Spells
  6. Love Spells
  7. Lust Spells
  8. Money Spells
  9. Prosperity Spells
  10. Protection Rituals And Spells
  11. Uncross Crossed Love Conditions

Here are some links to some of my most popular articles. I hope you enjoy reading them, and that you find the information useful.   Light and Love, Phelan

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  9. Should I avoid the use of negative magic?
  10. Should I give thanks to the Gods for their help?
  11. Should I use white or black magic to help myself?