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Hoodoo Voodoo In Orlando

My name is Phelan, I am a solitary Witch by heart, I do not belong to, nor am I affiliated with any group or coven, other than that of my own. I practice many different aspects of magic and I live my life in an effort to create balance and harmony with the world around me.

I have had clients in Orlando, Hialeah and Detroit for many years now, but we also offer kundalini binding spells, gambling spells, waxing moon incenses or love spells worldwide.

I am based in Atlanta, GA and thankfully to the internet I now have a clientele that is truly worldwide. I take a pragmatic approach to dealing with life's problems and this is the same approach that I take when I am working with a client, my clients issues range from reuniting with a lover, bringing a new love into their life, creating a positive flow of prosperity, uncrossing the flow of their energy allowing their desires to fully manifest.

In most cases when I work with a client who is seeking to reconnect with a loved one there is little or no communication between them, and the ones who are lucky enough to have communication with an Ex-partner or spouse is usually dealing with a very negative or hostile situation.

Remember: "A bird does not sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song." Chinese proverb/hoodoo voodoo.

We often fear what we do not understand, if you are one of those individuals who are teetering on the sidelines afraid of taking that next important step in embracing your Psychic Self, I urge you to do so, let go of the fear and claim that which is your birthright, there is a whole other world just awaiting your discovery, do not pass it by!

Blessed Be, Phelan

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